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PIVOT is quickly finding a place in the cockpits of many of the biggest names in aviation. The list of customers is always growing. Check out the summary here to see how PIVOT is being used in some different operations.

In 2013, PIVOT stormed onto the scene of EFB with a full deployment to Southwest Airlines. Since then, PIVOT continues to expand it’s reach around the globe. Our client list continues to grow but our focus remains laser sharp.

PIVOT was conceived by an active major airline pilot. The combined perspective of cockpit utility, affordability, and corporate flexibility make PIVOT an easy choice for airlines and military customers of any size.

Keys to Success:

  • Made for EFB and for a “Pilot’s Lifestyle” in and out of the cockpit.
  • Scalable – Start with Suction Cups – Transition to STC when/if desired.
  • Future Proof – Device you need, not the one that fits your mount.


Delta Air Lines

The single largest PIVOT customer with a pilot group of over 15,000 pilots and fleet size of 1,000 aircraft, it’s an absolutely massive operation. PIVOT has provided a variety of mounting solutions for various aircraft including suction cups, JetBag PIVOT molded metal mounts and eventually a transition to STC mounts. Delta currently operates using the Microsoft Surface 3 as their EFB.

FedEx Express

FedEx was the second major US Airline to adopt PIVOT for EFB. Specifically looking for a way to standardize across multiple device types and aircraft fleets, the PIVOT methodology fit their need perfectly. PIVOT has created several custom parts to support the FedEx program. Currently their pilots are using the Apple iPad Air2 for their cockpit EFB. Their aircraft have combinations of custom double suction cups and installed STC’s from a variety of manufacturers – all of which connect with PIVOT (under license).

United Airlines

PIVOT became the selection of United Airlines for many of the same reasons as our other MAJOR airline clients. Flexibility, cost, and customer service! After rigorous testing, United’s 12,000+ pilot group are being outfit with PIVOT Pro 9.7 cases. Their ever-growing fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft will deploy with a variety of mounting solutions like suction cups, adapter plates and PIVOT based FlyPad Trays. All of these temporary solutions will give way to permanent STC window mounts being installed over time.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest literally gave PIVOT their start in the world of EFB. Adopting the system in 2013, the Southwest EFB team and their leadership had the foresight (and guts) to see the vast potential in the PIVOT methodology and give it a shot. Millions of flight hours later, PIVOT enjoys a 0.4% device break rate and unbelievably high user satisfaction rate. With almost 10,000 pilots operating 4,000+ flights a day PIVOT has proven itself over and over again at Southwest. Currently, the Air1 case is giving way to the PRO97 case as a part of an EFB refresh. PanaVise suction cups are expected to give way to a conversion to STC level installed mounts beginning in early 2017.


UPS is deploying the PRO97 case for their pilot group. Approximately 4000 pilots will be enjoying the flexibility and reduced cockpit profile compared to what they are used to with current mounts. Aircraft like the 747 have limited space available and PIVOT’s low profile is extremely valuable in that environment. The majority of aircraft will utilize a single PanaVise suction cup, while the 747 is likely to us a molded metal mount PIVOT has designed for UPS and other 747 operators.

Qatar Airways

Learning of PIVOT at the 2015 EFB Conference in Dubai, the Qatar team knew PIVOT was exactly what they needed. The Surface PRO4 is Qatar’s EFB device, typically mounted on a custom assembled PanaVise double suction cup. PIVOT is working directly with Qatar on fielding JetBag mounts for all their aircraft types including the A-380.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore is another ultra-long haul operator which is perfect for PIVOT. Already in full scale use at SQ subsidiaries Tiger Air and Silk Air, PIVOT is poised to move into the mainline operation in the A-330, A-380 and B-777 fleets on a variety of mounts.

All Nippon Airways

ANA is in the final stages of regulatory approval for full scale PIVOT deployment, and will be the first Asian airline to adopt the PIVOT system. With a wide range of aircraft from the B-737 to B-787 – the PIVOT system will be right at home with the pilots using the iPad Air2 and the iPad Pro 9.7.


United States Air Force

The US Air Force has been deploying PIVOT cases to pilots and aircrew across a variety of aircraft types since the beginning of 2016. Squadron pilots and upper level leadership see a lot of potential in PIVOT for many of the same reasons airlines do – increased readiness and excellent value. Currently, aircraft such as the B-52, KC-10, KC-135, C-130, VC-40 and UH-60 and T-38C and their pilots are finding great success in PIVOT and it appears this trend will only continue to expand.

United States Navy

The US Navy is aggressively evaluating the PIVOT system in their VC-40 and C-130 aircraft types. After this initial deployment group, the expectation is that adoptions will occur across many aircraft types. PIVOT is tough and can handle just about everything the Navy might throw at it, including carrier landings!

New York Police Department

The skies over New York City are patrolled by some of the nations finest aviators and each one of them has a PIVOT MINI case clipped into their kneeboard. The NYPD is one great example of many law enforcement aviation units which have adopted PIVOT for all of their EFB needs.



Chevron’s entire Gulf of Mexico helicopter fleet have deployed with PIVOT Air2 case for every pilot and the venerable PanaVise 809FB in each aircraft. With this initial success, PIVOT and Chevron are poised to expand deployment in 2017.


AT&T’s Dallas based fleet of both short and long range jets achieves worldwide coverage. Their EFB solution consists of iPad Air 2 or Mini 3 devices. It’s the pilot’s choice. Protecting those devices are PIVOT cases and mounting solutions.

Northern Jet Management

Northern Jet Management provides a premier jet travel experience to customers who seek the flexibility, convenience, and prestige that private jet travel promises. PIVOT cases holding a variety of device types enhance their operational efficiency.


Flight Chops

Dedicated to creating immersive, experiential flying videos, Flight Chops uses PIVOT in combination with the FlyBoys Kneeboard Adapter. The virtual “ride-along” flying videos are aimed and sharing engaging flight experiences, lessons learned and giving back to the aviation community.

Global Girl

Former fashion model turned FAA certified commercial rated pilot and flight instructor, Global girl promotes aviation on social media and flies with a PIVOT Mini case in her cockpit. Her certifications include: Gulfstream GII, GIII and GIV Pilot in Command / Certified Flight Instructor, CFII MEI IGI AGI. Find her on social media to learn more!

You! Yeah…you

Are you a pilot, flight instructor, student? PIVOT combines a simple, robust case with a sleek mounting system, which has quickly become a favorite of many pilots. Learn more about the ever-expanding selection of PIVOT products and find the EFB solution that’s right for you.

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