PIVOT Partners

PIVOT is the choice of major airlines, military and corporate users for many reasons. It is truly revolutionary. For an EFB operation that is starting with a portable solution, PIVOT is the fast track to taking maximum advantage of the efficiencies, speed, ease and savings EFB has to offer.


EFB’s are a continuously evolving journey, and all programs have roadmaps to the future. The PIVOT roadmap has each customer’s long term success as an absolutely critical part of the service we offer. When your airline is ready to consider an installed STC, PIVOT is ready to move with you. Your crews will already be trained, and your EFB cases are forward compatible.


PIVOT has a full stable of reliable partners which our portable EFB users may evaluate for a seamless flow in to an installed STC level mounts and power. Each partner has an active license to provide a PIVOT compatible installed STC.


At the beginning, PIVOT went out to find the “market best” option for mounting our new EFB case. There could be no weak links in our system. After a long search and test period, PanaVise was the overwhelming selection. The 809FB Suction Cup has been the connective workhorse of the PIVOT phenomenon.

PIVOT, as the sole aviation distribution outlet for PanaVise products, expect to continue to gain market share on entrenched suppliers with better pricing, quality and most importantly, performance. PIVOT has sold over 100,000 suction cups for use with our system to airlines, companies, and individuals all over the world. The success rate has been simply phenomenal with an almost zero (0.2%) defect or failure rate!

The team behind PIVOT at PanaVise is dedicated to supporting PIVOT as their window seat to the ever-growing aviation industry! It’s a great partnership and together our products are unbeatable.

PIVOT JetBag Mounts are precision crafted, molded aircraft grade aluminum designed to securely snap into place on the window shroud. There are many advantages to utilizing the JetBag mount.
STC level performance with portable (removable) status.

Excellent option for leased aircraft which do not warrant the capital investment or lease holder will not allow installation.

  • Low unit cost with virtually unlimited lifespan.
  • PIVOT units come with 3 year unlimited warranty.
  • Custom caution or part number stickers available.
  • Consistent mounting location for all users, compliance and standardization.
  • Available for: B-737NG, A320, A330, A380

PIVOT JetBag Mounts will continue to be developed for more and more aircraft types. Airlines desiring to remain in the viewable stowage category but would prefer to not use suction cups will benefit greatly from this product. Truly a premium product and manufactured in a FAA compliant parts manufacturing facility, a PIVOT JetBag will give you installed STC level performance at a fraction of the price.

The FlyPad Tray is manufactured by PIVOT under license. This is best described as a molded metal mount with budgetary restrictions. The FlyPad Tray is an option for cost conscious users. Less complex in design, the PIVOT FPT reduces the cockpit footprint of the EFB significantly – and retains the familiar PIVOT functionality.


The ASG Constant Friction Mounts (cfMount™) was designed and Patented for use to install an EFB device onto an aircraft window frame structure. The window’s frame structure offers the most logical location based on the pilot’s viewing angle and because of its solid structure. Because not all aircraft window frame are the same, they’ve designed three (3) variances of our innovative cfMount™, to suit your aircraft’s window frame.

The swivel mount comprises of a mount member that has a top face and a bottom face. Portions of the plates are configured to engage portions of a mounting surface within the cockpit of an Aircraft. The mount is designed where frictional contact is constant with portions of the respective mount base and containment member. This allows freedom of movement without loosening or tightening the mount manually and allows the Pilot the best viewing angle.

UTC Aerospace Systems provides innovative aerospace technologies and integrated systems that advance the performance, safety and efficiency of commercial aviation, global defense and space exploration. The PIVOT UTAS mount was deployed by United Airlines in early 2017 to support a range of PIVOT mounting solutions required for their Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

Carlisle IT is a major component of Carlisle Companies Incorporated (NYSE: CSL), a 6.75 billion dollar conglomerate with world-wide reach. PIVOT is extremely proud of this association with an industry leader in aircraft connectivity and both sides are excited at the potential future opportunities. With a growing list of STC mounts for new aircraft types in addition to the existing B-737, B-747 and A-320 STC’s, the ability to place the PIVOT system be greatly enhanced. Carlie's deep ties to the broader transportation industry will provide the PIVOT line of products with a crucial bridge into other segments of the transportation vertical.


PIVOT and GNS have become corporate partners and it’s already a great fit. As the distribution agent for all of the GNS power products, we can provide a “one stop shopping” experience for our customers – virtually all of whom need a power solution as well. GNS-PIVOT offer a full array of cockpit power products including USB Plugs for a variety of DC plug configurations and USB to micro USB or Lightning cables – all FAA and EASA approved for cockpit use. If your EFB isn’t charged, it can’t help you! Joining resources makes great sense. Customers love being able to write one PO to one vendor and PIVOT can work side by side with GNS to develop new products as the need arises out in the field.

Kristal Screen Protectors are the ultimate companion for your tablet and for a PIVOT Case. Years of research, development and innovation driven engineering at Amzer bring about the Kristal range of screen protectors offering you five different varieties of protection for your screen. Kristal Screen Protectors are One Step Ahead providing you the best for your needs – be it high defination protection, privacy enhancement, glare reduction or simple protection from scratches.