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Compatible with these devices:
iPad 9th gen.   iPad 8th gen.   iPad 7th gen.   iPad Air 3

A new addition to the PIVOT case line, the PIVOT 10X is a versatile EFB solution for the Apple iPad (9th gen.) and its accessories. Easily deploy and protect EFB devices with the most competent case in aviation. Transition effortlessly in and out of the cockpit using the Click-Connect mounting channel and clip system on the back of the case. This patented PIVOT feature connects quickly and securely to a wide range of cockpit interface solutions.

The 10X provides protection using a solid, one-piece case construction with flexible inner casing and hard external shell. Specialized vents and air pockets in the case provide air exchange and insulation from exterior heat sources for maintaining safe operating temperatures. Air cushions in each corner of the case dissipate impact force from falls, preventing damage to the device. PIVOT cases are designed to exceed the highest standards, including MIL-STD 810G-516.7.

Additionally, the 10X is a flexible solution for multiple generations of device.  The PIVOT Universal Spacer and unique case design allow for compatibility with the iPad (9th gen.), iPad (8th gen.), iPad (7th gen.), iPad Air (3rd gen.), and the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. The 10X, combined with a large variety of mounting systems for different aircraft, truly provides EFB users Better Connection and Better Protection.




Features Designed for the iPad (8th gen.)

  • The 10X is designed to precisely fit the iPad (8th gen.)
  • Removeable PIVOT Smart Edge detaches to easily convert for use with the Apple Smart Keyboard
  • PIVOT Pencil Grip both holds and protects the Apple Pencil
  • New exterior PIVOT Dual I.D. Window design is removable, revealing a secondary inner-case window, which allows quick access to asset tracking labels applied directly to the device

Multigenerational Compatibility

The 10X was specifically designed to fit the popular iPad (8th gen.). The unique design of the case and the PIVOT Universal Spacer allow for compatibility with the iPad (8th gen.), iPad (7th gen.), iPad Air (3rd gen.) and the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Flight operations deploying multiple generations of EFB devices or transitioning into newer devices can do so easily with the 10X and variety of cockpit mounts.

Did You Know? Not all 10X compatible devices share the same features or locations of buttons, speakers and cameras. For this reason, the access openings in the PIVOT 10X case are designed to accommodate the features of all compatible device types.

Universal Spacer

The PIVOT Universal Spacer insert fits precisely in place to fill the difference between device dimensions when required. If not required, easily remove and store the Universal Spacer for future use with different device types.

Use the Universal Spacer when installing the iPad Air (3rd gen.) and 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Remove the Universal Spacer when installing the iPad (8th gen.) or iPad (7th gen.).

Removable PIVOT Smart Edge

To convert for use with the Apple Smart Keyboard, simply remove the protective PIVOT Smart Edge to reveal the Smart Connector.

Pro Tip! Store any removable parts such as the Smart Edge and Universal Spacer in a safe and memorable location so they are available if needed in the future.

Smart Keyboard Compatible

The 10X is designed to work seamlessly with the Apple Smart Keyboard. Simply detach the PIVOT Folio Cover and Smart Edge, connect the Apple Smart Keyboard and enjoy the convenience of typing on full-sized keys.

Pencil Grip for Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil and similarly sized stylus wands snap firmly into the integrated PIVOT Pencil Grip.
The PIVOT Pencil Grip is specially designed for the Apple Pencil. The Pencil Grip is molded of TPU rubber for a firm hold and indicates the optimal orientation of the Apple Pencil. This ensures the Apple Pencil is firmly seated in the best position and helps hold it in place if impacted while carrying or stowed in a bag.
The Pencil Grip will also hold other brands of stylus with diameters similar to the Apple Pencil, such as the popular Wacom Bamboo stylus.

360 Degree Protection

The PIVOT Folio Cover protects EFB devices while in transit from impact and abrasion.

The robust and durable cover securely latches closed atop the screen using the Press-Lock security feature, preventing unintended screen activation when inside bags or packs. This ensures EFB devices reach their destination with no accidental battery depletion.

Smart Features of the PIVOT Folio Cover

The Folio Cover is easy to install or remove. In addition to providing superior protection, the Folio Cover includes the popular Hall Effect function for activating the auto sleep/wake feature of the device.

Pro Tip! Manage the Hall Effect setting of the device to enable or disable the auto sleep/wake feature to match individual user preference.

Improved Kickstand Design

The Folio Cover features a thicker kickstand for improved strength. Additionally, the Folio Cover includes an added viewing position for even more flexibility when reviewing data or sharing info with others.

Why? PIVOT listens to user feedback. With every generation of product the team looks for opportunities to improve the user experience with better features based on feedback from the PIVOT community.

Increased Durability and Stability

  • More Durable Cover: 30% thicker Folio Cover further improves drop protection in transit mode with only 0.65mm increase in the total case thickness.
  • Improved Stability: The viewing slots in the Folio Cover and the viewing feet on the Smart Edge have a greater depth of engagement when in viewing mode.

PIVOT Dual I.D. Window

New exterior PIVOT Dual I.D. Window design is removable, revealing a secondary inner-case window, which allows quick access to asset tracking labels applied directly to the device. There is no need to remove the device from the case to edit I.D. cards or scan asset tags and other data.

Track Assets Easily

Place asset tracking labels precisely on EFB devices to take advantage of the Dual I.D. Window. See the image gallery above for a simple asset label placement guide with dimensions for easy reference.

Thermal Control

Air circulation and venting keeps devices cool using a passive chimney effect to pull cooler air in while warmer air is vented. The 10X features a 20% Increase in thermal vent size for increased airflow.

Additional Feature Enhancements

1) Speaker Outlets: The 10X design includes a 35% increase in speaker outlet opening for improved sound quality.

2) Easy Installation and Removal: Once more listening to user feedback, PIVOT has redesigned the rubber perimeter case seal, which holds the device in the case. The 10X has optimized the perimeter seal to hold the device firmly while also allowing for easier installation and removal when necessary.