LUX is an evolutionary leap for utility lamps.
Get connected and power up.

The PIVOT LUX provides a much needed update to the outdated utility lamp of yesteryear. Enter the future with crisp LEDs and USB power. LUX powers EFB devices while providing the same ease of use, flexible articulation and durability users expect from PIVOT cases.

Easy Setup – The LUX EFB charging interface can be installed by avionics technicians during overnight or light scheduled maintenance utilizing the wiring and mounting locations of existing incandescent flight deck utility lamps. The load requirement for the USB port and LED bi-color utility lamp is less than 1 amp at 28V AC/DC.

Small Spaces Approved – Size matters and the LUX’s small footprint enables a variety of mounting locations. Designed with a universal mounting plate, it can be fastened vertically or horizontally on interior hard points or DZUS® panel locations.


Mobile Power and Charging Application Solutions

    DO-160G EMI lab tested. Fits standard Boeing and Airbus Hubbell and NEMA DC bus receptacles.
    DO-160G EMI lab tested, utilizing Marine DC power receptacles or MIL-STD tethered cannon plugs.
    DO-160G EMI lab tested, utilizing 12-24VDC power receptacles on heavy equipment and agriculture machinery.
  • Military
    DO-160G EMI lab tested, MIL-STD power modules. Design accommodates custom MIL-STD DC power receptacles or corded tethered cannon plugs.

Tablet USB chargers for aviation, industrial, automotive, marine and MIL-STD DC power receptacles

► Power Input: 10-36 VDC

► Power Output: 10 Watts / USB channel

► Ruggedized rubber and polycarbonate body

► Custom plug designs available

PIVOT is the exclusive source for the entire line of GNS EFB power products. For more information and sales support, contact our sales team.