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PIVOT A20A Atlas Series

Compatible with these devices:
iPad Air (6th gen.) (M2)   iPad Air (5th gen.)   iPad Air (4th gen.)   
iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd gen.)   iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd gen.)   iPad Pro 11-inch (1st gen.)

The PIVOT A20A is an elegant, robust case designed specifically to accommodate the key features of iPad Air (6th gen.) (M2) and iPad Air (4th and 5th gen.) while maintaining full compatibility with the iPad Pro 11-inch (1st, 2nd, and 3rd gen.). With numerous enhancements, this is the best PIVOT case yet.

It offers unbeatable 360-degree protection from drops, impacts, and scratches, while the detachable PIVOT Screen Cover provides superior screen protection in transit and while connected to any PIVOT mount. The improved 2nd generation PIVOT Kickstand is reinforced with internal ribs for maximum strength and durability and provides 120-degrees of adjustability to support a wide range of viewing angles.

Improved openings for the iPad’s wireless antennas facilitate flawless reception for cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Order the PIVOT A20A today and own the best case ever produced for the iPad Air (4th and 5th gen.) and iPad Pro 11-inch (1st, 2nd, and 3rd gen.).




Features Designed for the iPad Air (4th and 5th gen.)

  • Built in PIVOT Kickstand for horizontal or vertical viewing
  • PIVOT Pencil Edge and PIVOT Pencil Grip offer two secure storage options for the Apple Pencil
  • Full support for Apple Touch ID button
  • Superior device protection

New PIVOT Kickstand

Thicker and reinforced with internal ribs for unbeatable strength and durability, the new 2nd gen. PIVOT Kickstand features 120-degrees of adjustability to support a wide variety of horizontal viewing angles, while also supporting vertical viewing.

Horizontal and Vertical Viewing Options

The A20A Atlas Series supports portrait viewing while using the Kickstand.

Why? PIVOT listens to user feedback, and people were asking for this specific improvement.

Supporting a Range of Viewing Angles

The Kickstand offers a wide range of landscape viewing angles.

Why? – The PIVOT engineers identified an opportunity for continued improvement and took action to enhance the user experience outside the flightdeck while performing mission planning duties or studying.

Hidden I.D. Window for Pilot Information

The A20A Atlas Series also features a hidden I.D. window for pilot identification information. Located underneath the Kickstand, the PIVOT I.D. Window is sized to fit several standard label formats.

360 Degree Protection

The A20A case provides unbeatable damage protection from drops, impacts, and scratches, exceeding the most stringent military standards without unnecessary bulk or weight.

Pro Tip! The Screen Cover can be placed on the device, even when mounted, because the snap on design doesn’t utilize the PIVOT Click-Connect mounting channel.


Versatile Screen Cover and Non-Slip Surface

The Screen Cover provides a stable, non-slip surface for use with the Kickstand.

Smart Features of the PIVOT Screen Cover

The added Screen Cover is easy to install and remove. It provides superior protection when in transit and retains the popular Hall Effect function for activating the auto sleep/wake feature of the device.

Pro Tip! Manage the Hall Effect setting of the device to enable or disable the auto sleep/wake feature to match individual user preference.


PIVOT Pencil Edge for Apple Pencil (2nd gen.)

PIVOT Pencil Edge supports pairing and charging using the magnetic connection on the side of the iPad, while PIVOT Pencil Grip provides secure storage and protection for the Apple Pencil on the back of the case.

Storing the Apple Pencil (2nd gen.)

The A20A Atlas Series provides two methods of storing the Apple Pencil. While attached to the Pencil Edge, the Screen Cover securely cradles the Apple Pencil, protecting it while in transit from getting knocked loose, lost or damaged.

Pro Tip! For those not using the Screen Cover, the Apple Pencil can be safely held for transit in the PIVOT Pencil Grip.


Connect to the PIVOT LTRM or Suction Cup

Featuring the PIVOT Click-Connect Channel and clip, the A20A Atlas Series securely mounts to a wide range of cockpit interface solutions, and easily transitions in and out of the cockpit.