• The paperless cockpit is here. Get connected. Get protected.

    PIVOT provides unequaled user functionality paired with mil-spec protection and security when mounted. It's also about security from an uncertain future in an ever-changing electronic landscape. PIVOT secures your devices in your cockpit, but our one-of-a-kind integrated mounting channel creates a constant you can count on in the future - no matter what the next device might be.

Future Proof

Upgrade your PIVOT knowing your mount will never be obsolete. PIVOT's mount supports all future devices.


Hardened Polycarbonate shell for drop protection from every angle to keep devices safe in any environment.

Easy Setup

Avoid lost time due to cockpit setup with the quick and easy PIVOT mounting system. Connect in seconds.

FAA Approved

Reviewed and approved by the FAA. Airlines can commence EFB operations with PIVOT today.