LTRM (Long Term Removable Mount)


  • B737 Molded LTRM
    Our flagship LTRM is custom designed to fit over the window sill in the B737. It is secured by tension along the sides, as well as a raised clipboard tab.

  • A320 Molded LTRM
    Customized for the A319/A320/A321, the PIVOT A320 LTRM can be installed in seconds without any tools or special training.

  • A330 Molded LTRM
    Customized for various aspects of the A330, the PIVOT A330 molded LTRM solution looks and feels like it is a permanent part of the aircraft…but it is removable in seconds.

  • B737 Custom LTRM
    Sometimes simple is the way to go. The custom LTRM fits securely over the B737 clipboard while remaining clear of window egress capabilities.

  • B747 Custom LTRM
    Every nuance of the B747 is considered in this Custom LTRM. This design works perfectly on either the left or the right window ledge and is secured with the clipboard clamp.

PIVOT + LTRM Class 1 mounts are the best route for new entrants to the EFB world that need a Class 1 mounting solution, with a Class 2 feel. It is a safe, inexpensive and expeditious way to begin EFB operations – with a full selection of compatible STC mounts to transition into on a budget and schedule of your airline’s choosing.

► Custom Molded LTRM for Boeing 737

  • LTRM for Airbus A319/A320/A321

  • LTRM for Airbus A330

  • LTRM for Boeing 747

  • LTRM for Airbus A330

PIVOT custom designs each LTRM to fit each airframe perfectly. Simply provide our team with access to an aircraft window or the aircraft itself, and PIVOT will do the rest.