PIVOT is proud to support D225 Pathway pilots with a one-stop-shop for your EFB


Welcome to the ultimate Electronic Flight Bag kit designed specifically for Southwest Airline's Destination 225 Pathway Pilots. We know that starting a career as a pilot can be challenging, that's why we've carefully selected the essential items every new pilot needs to prepare for their aviation journey. Our EFB kit includes an iPad, PIVOT case, PIVOT mount, ForeFlight Subscription, Bose Aviation Headset, FlyBoys pubs bag, and more.

With our EFB kit, you'll have everything you need to stay organized and prepared during every flight. The iPad comes pre-loaded with essential aviation apps, and the PIVOT case and mount make it easy to secure your device to your cockpit. You'll also receive a ForeFlight subscription, which provides comprehensive aeronautical charts, weather information, and flight planning tools. The Bose Aviation Headset ensures crystal-clear communication with air traffic control, and the FlyBoys pubs bag keeps your charts and manuals organized and easily accessible. Our kit has been designed with the specific needs of Destination 225 Pathway Pilots in mind, so you can rest assured that you're getting everything you need to excel in your career as a pilot.

Investing in our Electronic Flight Bag kit is the perfect way to start your aviation career off on the right foot. With our kit, you'll have everything you need to stay organized and efficient, while also staying on top of your game as you navigate the skies. Our team has carefully curated each item in this kit to ensure that you have the best tools available to you. Whether you're a newly minted pilot or a seasoned pro, our EFB kit is an essential part of your cockpit. With its intuitive design, durable materials, and comprehensive software, you'll be well-prepared for any challenge that comes your way. Don't let a lack of preparation hold you back - invest in our Electronic Flight Bag kit today and take your aviation career to new heights!



Designed for the pros...

  • Select between the PIVOT A20A Case for the iPad Air 5th gen., or PIVOT T21A Case for the iPad mini 6th gen.
  • PIVOT Pencil Edge and PIVOT Pencil Grip offer two secure storage options for the Apple Pencil

Choose the right iPad for you

Choose between a full-sized iPad Air 5th gen. or iPad mini 6th gen. Really just depends on your preference. Both are silky-smooth and responsive for ForeFlight and any other EFB app you will need.

Choose the right mount for you

PIVOT makes all sorts of EFB mounts to make sure you are able to view and interact with your EFB safely and securely in all phases of flight. Options range from Suction Cup mounts, Yoke Mounts and Leg Straps. Every pilot is different, and PIVOT has an option that is perfect for the way you want to fly.

We are partnered with ForeFligth and Jeppesen

PIVOT has partnered with both ForeFlight and Jeppesen and you can select from both of the industry-leading options for VFR and IFR flying.

Want ADS-B WX and Traffic...we got you!

PIVOT offering both the Sentry and Stratus 3 ADS-B options for flawless own-ship moving map, WX and Traffic.

BOSE A20 Aviation Headsets

The pros need the best, and BOSE makes the best for Aviation Professionals. Never miss a radio call again.

FlyBoys Pilot Pubs Bags

Not everything is digital...sometimes you need an easy to carry pubs bag for the extra gear. The FlyBoys Regular Pubs Bag is the perfect fit for every flightdeck.

Start your logbook out the right way

The Jeppesen Professional Logbook will pass muster at any interview. Keep track of your flight time the way the pros do it.

PIVOT Pencil Edge for Apple Pencil (2nd gen.)

The Apple Pencil (2nd gen.) magnetically snaps into the integrated PIVOT Pencil Edge. Pair and charge the Apple Pencil from one location on the PRO 11 case. Simply let the magnetic connection do the work.

Storing the Apple Pencil (2nd gen.)

The PRO 11 provides two methods of storing the Apple Pencil. While attached to the Pencil Edge, the Screen Cover securely cradles the Apple Pencil, protecting it while in transit from getting knocked loose, lost or damaged.

Pro Tip! For those not using the Screen Cover, the Apple Pencil can be safely held for transit in the PIVOT Pencil Grip.


Connect to the PIVOT LTRM or Suction Cup

Featuring the PIVOT Click-Connect Channel and clip, the PRO 11 securely mounts to a wide range of cockpit interface solutions, and easily transitions in and out of the cockpit.