Designed to increase combat capability

At PIVOT we know that an EFB can enhance your mission capability, but only if it isn’t a distraction. PIVOT is designed by an ex-fighter pilot who understands task management and multi-tasking in a complex combat environment. When it comes to an EFB, the difference between an asset and a distraction can be as simple as how the device is mounted.

PIVOT was designed from the start to be rugged, secure and allow for one-handed operation. We know that military pilots have a lot going on in the cockpit, and PIVOT is designed not to distract from the task at hand.

MIL-STD 810G-516.7

PIVOT is MIL-STD 81OG-516.7 tested so you know that it will stand up when you need it. PIVOT has many features designed to protect the device, while giving ultimate flexibility to aircrews.

PIVOT’s universal mounting system allows for any device in the fleet to connect to the very same mounting solution. No matter what device your unit employs, you can be confident that it will be compatible in the blended squadrons downrange.

Thermal Control

Military crews often operate in extreme temperatures. PIVOT is designed to enhanced air circulation and venting via the unique shell design. Only PIVOT offers thermal control by using the chimney effect to pull cooler air in while warmer air is vented.

ONLY 18% of the tablet surface contacts the back panel of the PIVOT PRO 97 case providing an air cushion. This further reduces heat transmission from external sources to the iPad – virtually eliminating potential for thermal shutdown in most environments.

Ideal for for any cockpit or mounting preference

PIVOT gives the unit much-needed protection from inevitable technological change. Now, units can select devices based on merit and fit to the tactical environment, not just on cradle size.

Regardless, if you are in a fighter, trainer or heavy, PIVOT has adapted our universal mounting system to every cockpit. Future-proof, PIVOT offers flexibility to stay on the cutting edge of EFB technology with no risk of obsolescence. When your unit is ready to upgrade from a suction cup mount to a long term removable mount or even a SPO-approved STC, no other EFB solution is so sustainable!

The most secure suction cup mounts

Pairing a state-of-the-art PanaVise suction cup and the PIVOT Parts Kit, this system is simple, effective, durable, and will not fall off the window.

Suction cup mounts can come loose when the air isn’t completely expressed during installation. PanaVise is specifically designed to remove the air so that changes in temperature from sunlight or window heat, don’t cause your EFB to fall in a critical phase of flight.

Perfect clearance, even in tight cockpits

Unlike the commercial cockpit, a military cockpit must meet the demands of mission sets that often include close proximity to other aircraft, either in formation, combat or at low levels. PIVOT allows for infinite adjustability so your EFB never obstructs visual clearing or aggressive actuation of flight controls in time constrained engagements. PIVOT has a simple high-performance design that is low profile and intended for one-hand operation.

NVIS compliance

NVIS compliance is a reality for the military cockpit. PIVOT has designed our entire line of EFB cases with this in mind. If NVIS is a mission requirement for your unit, contact us for customized solutions that integrate seamlessly with PIVOT.

Innovative mounting options

The vast array of military cockpits all present their own challenges for EFB placement. The PIVOT system is infinitely adaptable to any cockpit configuration, and we are willing to work with your unit individually if a specific configuration is required.

Designed to reduce EFB distraction with the proper placement

Formation and low-level flying present challenges with turbulence that requires a secure and confident mounting solution. The PanaVise suction cup system was selected because of its superior performance. PIVOT and PanaVise will not fall off the window. Simple as that.