A sleek design that is perfect for any cockpit

A unique and amazingly simple way for devices to interact with the aircraft. PIVOT’s patented tablet case and universal mounting system, designed specifically for use by pilots in the cockpit, combines a high-performance streamlined case and mount in models available for all popular EFB devices. Pairing a state-of-the-art PanaVise suction cup and the PIVOT Parts Kit, this system is simple, effective, durable, afordable and scalable. With virtually no training required, the intuitive system becomes the common ground with your entire user group, no matter the size.

FAA approved

The fact that PIVOT mounts are FAA approved with the use of suction cups allows any flight department to comfortably and affordably commence EFB operations while deciding on the permanent STC they will select. STC installation across a fleet can take years. PIVOT allows for immediate implementation and smooth transitions to future devices. This starts the “regulatory clock” on removing paper charts from the cockpit. It starts the savings, too.

Thermal Control

Crews sometimes operate in extreme temperatures. PIVOT is designed to enhanced air circulation and venting via the unique shell design. Only PIVOT offers thermal control by using the chimney effect to pull cooler air in while warmer air is vented.

ONLY 18% of the tablet surface contacts the back panel of the PIVOT PRO 97 case providing an air cushion. This further reduces heat transmission from external sources to the iPad – virtually eliminating potential for thermal shutdown in most environments.

Environmentally responsible without sacrificing performance

Because PIVOT supports the aviation industry in eliminating the reams of paper pilots formerly carried in their flight bag, installing a PIVOT system also supports a cost-controlling, environmentally responsible choice. The reduced fuel use alone due to reduced weight on the aircraft can be substantial – potentially measured in millions of dollars. Add to that the ongoing reductions in paper, printing, shipping and distribution costs, and the savings continue to mount with PIVOT.

Better protection – for pilot and company EFB programs alike

PIVOT gives the company much-needed protection from inevitable technological change. Now, airlines can select devices based on merit and fit to the operation, not just on cradle size. Future-proof, PIVOT offers corporate flexibility to stay on the cutting edge of EFB technology with no risk of obsolescence. No other EFB solution is so sustainable!

Begin Your EFB Program Today

PIVOT + PanaVise Class 1 mount is the best route for new entrants to the EFB world. It is a safe, inexpensive and expeditious way to begin EFB operations – with a full selection of compatible STC mounts to transition into on a budget and schedule of your airline’s choosing.

Enhance CRM

Brief each other, not the window. The PIVOT mounting system allows crew members to connect and disconnect in only seconds with one-handed operation. Brief approach procedures or reference publications, then reconnect with a “Click!”. With PIVOT’s audible engagement, be confident when hearing the “Click!” your connection is re-locked in place.