PIVOT Brochure

PIVOT is about security. Tablet security, protection, yes – but also security from an uncertain future in an ever-changing electronic landscape. PIVOT secures your devices, but it also creates a constant you can count on in the future – no matter what.


PIVOT PRO 97 User Guide

For optimal performance and maximum satisfaction with your PIVOT case, please follow
this set of simple recommendations to ensure proper deployment and superior device

WARNING: Your PIVOT case is designed to hold your device firmly to protect against
accelerated impacts. Once installed, your device will be held securely on all sides. It is not
intended to come out easily. When you get a PIVOT case, it means you’re getting the
best. PIVOT products maximize protection and minimize the need to remove the device
from your PIVOT case.


PIVOT FAA Suitability Letter

In March of 2014, an initial evaluation of the PIVOT, Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Universal
Mounting Solution was accomplished by specialists from the Seattle Aircraft Evaluation Group. At that time, PIVOT was a new technology for establishing a secure attachment for a portable electronic device to an aircraft for continuous device access.