EFB Management Survey

EFB Managers,

Thank you for participating in this short survey regarding your airline’s path to regulatory approval to deploy an Apple iPad as an EFB.

The PIVOT user group has grown to approximately 130 airlines worldwide. The majority have found success on the iPad platform. Our survey intends to gather baseline data regarding regulatory approval of the iPad for use as an EFB. This data will support our effort to provide a common approval process which will greatly reduce financial cost and significantly reduce the time to gain approval. These questions are just a start of what is sure to be a complex issue, but we like to solve problems and this is one that needs solving.

Ultimately, PIVOT wants to make these approvals more efficient for everyone. We thank you for your willingness to participate and look forward to your responses.

About the survey – more is better. Please feel free to expand on explanations or provide more context, personal experiences, whatever you feel might be relevant — the more detailed information provided may help us develop a better our proposed solution in the end.

We will stay in touch and follow up with our findings and proposed solutions, but only with your agreement and submission of your name and email address.