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PIVOT 10X Tech Specs

Width: 10.14 in (257.67 mm)
Height: 7.13 in (181.14 mm)
Thickness: 0.89 in (22.65 mm)

Weight (Assuming iPad Pro 10.5-inch)
Case Empty: 0.496 lbs. (0.225 kg)
Case + Folio Cover Empty: 1.033 lbs. (0.469 kg)
Case + Folio Cover + Device: 2.085 lbs. (0.946 kg)
Case + Device: 1.547 lbs. (0.702 kg)

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    FAA Approved

    Reviewed and approved by the FAA. Airlines can commence EFB operations with Pivot mounts and suction cups while vetting STCs.

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    Easy Setup

    Avoid lost time due to cockpit setup with the quick and easy PIVOT mounting system. Connect and adjust in only seconds.

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    Pilot Tested

    Pilot tested with millions of block hours logged and counting, PIVOT continues to set the standard in EFB cases and mounts.

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    360º Adjustability

    PIVOT’s unique, patented mounting system provides one-handed adjustability with a full range of tilt and rotation angles.

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    Future Proof

    Upgrade your PIVOT knowing your mount will never be obsolete. PIVOT’s standardized mount supports current and future devices.

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    Tough Protection

    Hardened Polycarbonate shell for corner and drop protection from every angle to keep devices safe in any environment.

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    Air Cushion

    Each corner of the device is cushioned from impact by a pocket of air, which absorbs and dissipates shock from falls.

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    Click! Connection

    With PIVOT’s audible engagement, be confident when hearing the “Click!” your connection is locked in place.

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    Thermal Control

    Maintain safe operating temperatures with air circulation around the device and insulation from exterior heat sources.

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    Extremely lightweight, thanks to advanced materials and design.