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PIVOT PRO 11 – Order Now!

The PIVOT PRO 11 case and folio solution for the Apple iPad Pro 11-inch” tablet

As the newest addition to the PIVOT Case line, the PRO 11 case is compatible with the iPad Pro 11-inch. The back of the case provides insulation from exterior heat sources and helps maintain safe operating temperatures with air circulation provided through vents around the device.

The PIVOT PRO 11 supports Apple Pencil 2 – Improve precision by using a touch-screen stylus with your device and keep it securely in the custom stylus holder.

Each corner of the device is cushioned from impact by a pocket of air, which absorbs and dissipates shock from falls. Passed MIL-STD 810G-516.6 (meaning the device was dropped 26 times from 4 feet and didn’t break!) The PIVOT PRO 11 case is designed as one piece construction with inner molded bumper and hard external case. There is no secondary front frame!

Note: PIVOT PRO 11 is designed to precisely fit the iPad Pro 11-inch only. It does not fit other versions of iPad as those models have different dimensions and have varied feature locations.



Features designed for the iPad Pro 11-inch

  • Compatible with only iPad Pro 11-inch
  • Apple Pencil Holder
  • One piece construction with inner molded bumper and hard external case.
  • No secondary front frame!
  • Removable Keyboard slot cover for easy conversion to landscape keyboard


Device Compatibility – The new PIVOT PRO 11 is specifically designed to fit the latest addition to the Apple iPad Family, the iPad PRO 11-inch

All of the port / button access, camera openings and other features align directly with the corresponding iPad features.


Case Improvements

Easy Setup – The Polycarbonate Shell and Flexible TPU front frame have been redesigned to fine tune the device ingress and egress process. Users will discover setup to be much quicker and easier as the device is both installed and removed more easily.

Why? – PIVOT took feedback from the initial PRO 97 deployment and applied it to the design of the new products in order to improve the user experience.

Reinforced Structure

Structural Ribs – A lattice of newly added ribs on the back surface of the PIVOT Mounting Channel improve rigidity to further reduce case-flex and vibration potential.

Why? – The PIVOT engineers identified an opportunity for continued improvement and took action to enhance the in-cockpit performance.


Additional Refinements & Feature Enhancements

1) Improved Tolerances – The precision tolerances of the original PRO 97 design have been further improved upon to refine many aspects of the fit and user interaction experience.

2) Optimization – General mold flow and material optimization improvements further increase the quality of all the PIVOT case components.

3) *Mounting Channel Covers – Lamination surface is much bigger, for better adhesion of the PET Covers (*PRO 105 only)

Additional Feature Enhancements

1) Speaker Outlets – PIVOT PRO 105 design includes a *35% increase in speaker outlet opening for improved sound quality. (*PRO 105 only)

2) Thermal Control – Air circulation and venting Keeps the tablet cool by using a chimney effect to pull cooler air in while warmer air is vented. The PRO 11 features a *20% Increase in thermal control vent size for increased airflow (*PRO 11 only)


New Magnet Cover Design

Magnet Cover – A new, extremely robust snap-in cover has been designed to prevent damage from misuse of the folio cover. Now, if a user bends the folio cover backwards, the force will drive the cover into the kickstand, eliminating the potential for damaging the magnet cover.

Why? – Previously, misuse of the Folio Cover could result in the Magnet Cover being damage or detached.

New Magnet Cover Design

Magnet Cover – The revised design of the Magnet Cover reverses the direction of the magnet installation and captures them securely within a polycarbonate housing.


New Magnet Cover Design

Magnet Cover – Each magnet is contained within it’s own tray for precision alignment with the Folio Cover magnets. Additionally the magnets are held in place with a sturdy adhesive to prevent any movement within the Magnet Cover enclosure.

Improved Kickstand Design

Stronger Kickstand – 50% Thicker for improved strength. Formally vulnerable areas have been identified and redesigned. PC + TPU Over-mold bonding increased by 250% surface area for superior connection, to eliminate delamination potential.

Why? – A small percentage of PIVOT PRO 97 users reported damage to this area of the Folio Cover. The PIVOT designers took the opportunity to make a variety of improvements after reviewing user feedback.​


Anti-Bounce Crease

Anti-Bounce – This special crease in the TPU, at the base of the kickstand folds neatly to reduce the Folio Cover’s tendency to arch and bounce slightly when the user is typing vigorously.

Why? – Conversations with PIVOT users and online feedback made it clear that this was a much wanted upgrade to the previous Folio Cover.

Increased Durability & Stability

1) More Durable Cover – 30% Thicker front folio further improves drop protection in ‘Transit Mode’, but with only 0.65mm increase in the total case thickness. There is also an approximately 185% increase in PC + TPU bonding surface area on the front folio cover.

2) Improved Stability – The viewing slots in the Folio Cover and the Viewing Feet on the Smart Edge have a greater depth of engagement when in the viewing mode. The PRO 105 also features *colored highlights on the viewing slots to help with user orientation. (*PRO 105 only)


Stronger Surface Grip

Better Viewing Experience – The front TPU perimeter has been extended to maximize contact area with table-top surfaces when the folio is used in viewing mode. This larger grip surface improves stability and decreases sliding potential.

Smart Connector Compatible

Keyboard Compatible – Intelligently designed case is compatible with device manufacturer’s accessories such as the magnetic keyboard.


Continuous Protection

Air-Cushion Protection – Each corner of the device is protected by a pocket of empty space. These cushions of air allow the PIVOT case body to flex and dissipate the forces of impact through the case structure, rather than transferring the shock directly to the device.