Pivot PRO105 Pre-Production Information

The PIVOT PC-PRO105 case you have been issued for review and testing is a fully functional, pre-production sample is known as a “First Shot” round of product created after molds have been milled. Our development process is efficient and you will find that the case you are using is very close to being ready for production with the exception of a few items which will be addressed.

In order to reduce any opportunity for confusion by reviewers/testers, we find it is best to make you aware of the primary remaining issues prior to full scale production.

These are things to be aware of when evaluating this sample.

  1. Texture has not been added to the Polycarbonate body. PC retains a shiny appearance and clearly shows mill marks, scratches and other cosmetic issues. Once the other adjustments to the molds are complete, a texturing process will be performed on the mold and these visible flaws will be removed.
  2. Texture has not been added to the TPU (rubber) insert. Resultant effect is the smooth walls of the TPU insert grip the iPad more firmly than the textured finish. You will notice this when removing your device at the end of your test period. Texturing will make removal easier while retaining full drop protection. If you are a previous user of the PC-PRO97 case, the device fit was too firm. The goal is to find the exact combination of user comfort, and adequate protection of company assets.
  3. The Removable SmartEdge will have improved reliability on the center connection slots. Currently they do not engage in a completely reliable manner. Minor post height dimensional update will improve the connection to the necessary standard.
  4. The ID privacy window has been installed using a traditional, hand applied glue which may fail if stressed excessively. Production units will be adhered using full ultrasonic welding and will not fail.
  5. Additional folio improvement includes additional creases in the folio arm to eradicate device bounce when viewing using the folio viewing stand. This is a minor modification to the mold and the production model will have little to no bounce while typing or other screen inputs.


The PC-PRO105 case will see further refinements to the design in the final round of adjustments, however the material content will not change. Performance of the case for device protection, cockpit mounting and generalized operational use will not change from this sample. Please take a moment to download the PDF we created for you to review. An Evolutionary Change Guide and PRO 10.5” User Guide may be found at this link and will support your knowledge of this exciting new product.



If you have any comments regarding your testing or have questions on best practices in or outside of the cockpit with your PIVOT product, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly and provide your insight. It’s very valuable to have direct communication with the end users out on the line. Email me at / SUBJ: PIVOT TEST FEEDBACK, or fill out the form below.


Thank you,

// signed //

Mike Schulter – Director of Business Development