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Compatible with iPad Models A1566 and A1567

The Air 2 has incorporated many changes and updates from the Air 1 PIVOT. We took feedback from our amazing user group of 8300+ pilots at Southwest Airlines and took great care to try and weave in as many of the updates they suggested as possible.


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Enhanced Connection

Enhanced connection tabs between the front and rear frames. This has enhanced the drop performance even more than our iPad Air 1 PIVOT Case.

Additional Storage Location

Hidden in the other end of the case is a compartment sized identically to the ID Window ideal for long term storage of money or other documents – or even a third party tracking receiver in case of device theft.

Low Profile Feet

The addition of feet has made the PIVOT much more stable on smooth surfaces – especially those with a gradient like a glareshied in the aircraft.

Muted Color Scheme

While maintaining our trademark Floro-Yellow color scheme, Air 2 limits this to the clip and the splash seal in the front frame, which promotes a more subdued case which will suit a wider margin of users.

High Quality Construction

When the user completely opens the folio, it will magnetically hold to the back of the case. The folio also features turned edge construction and welded edges on the connector which will enhance performance and lifespan.

Precision Fit

PIVOT Air 2 features relocated microphone locations as well as movement of other switches. Engineered to provide best possible reception and camera operation while maximizing device protection.

  • FAA Approved

    Reviewed and approved by the FAA. Airlines can commence EFB operations with Pivot mounts and suction cups while vetting STCs.

  • Easy Setup

    Avoid lost time due to cockpit setup with the quick and easy PIVOT mounting system. Connect and adjust in only seconds.

  • Pilot Tested

    Pilot tested with millions of block hours logged and counting, PIVOT continues to set the standard in EFB cases and mounts.

  • Tough Protection

    Hardened Polycarbonate shell for corner and drop protection from every angle to keep devices safe in any environment.

  • Splash Seals

    Accessory ports, buttons, speakers and screen areas are protected from light spills and splashes or other contaminants.

  • Lightweight

    Extremely lightweight, thanks to advanced materials and design.

  • 360º Adjustability

    PIVOT’s unique, patented mounting system provides one-handed adjustability with a full range of tilt and rotation angles.

  • Click! Connection

    With PIVOT’s audible engagement, be confident when hearing the “Click!” your connection is locked in place.

  • Future Proof

    Upgrade your PIVOT knowing your mount will never be obsolete. PIVOT’s standardized mount supports current and future devices.