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PIVOT Mini 4

The PIVOT Mini 4 case & folio solution for the Apple iPad Mini 4

This case does not work with the Mini 1-3. Google your Model Number (A1538, A1550, MK9G2LL/A, etc.)

Awesome new MOLDED Folio only for Mini 4.


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Features designed for the iPad Mini 4

  • Compatible with iPad Mini 4.
  • ID window on back panel.
  • Rubber Feet on back panel.
  • Flanges added on right edge of back panel for stability in folio viewing mode.

Folio Features

  • Molded plastic folio cover.
  • Inner-cover ridges ‘Nest’ inside screen concave for a perfect fit every time. This prevents any sliding, shifting that may activate auto-sleep magnets.
  • Combination of soft, flexible rubber combined with rigid inner PolyCarb shell and hinge support.
  • PU Skin inlay on front of folio cover with PIVOT logo (like the current models).
  • Improved viewing positions. (work with new flanges on the Case Back).

Thermal Control

Air circulation and venting is enhanced by the unique shell design only PIVOT offers.

ONLY 18% of the tablet surface contacts the back panel of the PIVOT Mini 4 case compared to 28% on the Air2 case. This further reduces heat transmission from external sources to the iPad – virtually eliminating potential for thermal shutdown.

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    FAA Approved

    Reviewed and approved by the FAA. Airlines can commence EFB operations with Pivot mounts and suction cups while vetting STCs.

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    Easy Setup

    Avoid lost time due to cockpit setup with the quick and easy PIVOT mounting system. Connect and adjust in only seconds.

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    Pilot Tested

    Pilot tested with millions of block hours logged and counting, PIVOT continues to set the standard in EFB cases and mounts.

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    Tough Protection

    Hardened Polycarbonate shell for corner and drop protection from every angle to keep devices safe in any environment.

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    Splash Seals

    Accessory ports, buttons, speakers and screen areas are protected from light spills and splashes or other contaminants.

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    Extremely lightweight, thanks to advanced materials and design.

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    360º Adjustability

    PIVOT’s unique, patented mounting system provides one-handed adjustability with a full range of tilt and rotation angles.

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    Click! Connection

    With PIVOT’s audible engagement, be confident when hearing the “Click!” your connection is locked in place.

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    Future Proof

    Upgrade your PIVOT knowing your mount will never be obsolete. PIVOT’s standardized mount supports current and future devices.